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Celebrate Easter at Festive Smoky Mountain Events

Vintage picture of wildflowersOne of the best times to see the spectacular spring colors in the Smokies is around Easter. The National Park and surrounding area sparkles with new life now that the daffodils are blooming and lush green leaves have finally begun to peek through the trees. If you and your family are planning to take advantage of the spring colors and weather during the long Easter break, we have details about the best Smoky Mountain events that everyone in your family can enjoy.

Start Your Engines for the 2014 Spring Rod Run

Classic yellow taxi cab in ManhattanTwice a year, car enthusiasts make a pilgrimage to the Smoky Mountains where two of the largest car shows in the nation and their participants take over the area for nearly a week. Though there are exciting events planned all season, this is one of the largest not only all season, but all year long. From one end of the Smokies to the other, don’t be surprised to see shiny, souped up classics.

Why Condos are Best for Family Vacations

mainThere’s something special about a spacious condo that creates a home away from home. Whether because of the additional features or the likelihood to meet up for bonding time in the family room, condos create the type of vacation that becomes an unforgettable experience rather than just a place to sleep before sightseeing. When choosing a vacation rental for your family’s trip to the Smoky Mountains, consider these reasons why Pigeon Forge condos could make this visit to the Smokies your best trip ever.

3 Unexpected Benefits to Staying in Pigeon Forge Condos

 000308_wgp8s_13If you’re searching for a place to stay in the Smoky Mountains with extra amenities, look no further. Not only do our condos feature things you wouldn’t expect to find, guests of Cherokee Lodge Condos in Pigeon Forge also receive unexpected benefits, from stunning mountain views to ticket discounts. Though the list could go on and on, here are the top 3 unexpected benefits of staying at Cherokee Lodge Condos in Pigeon Forge.

Who Else Wants Discounted Attraction Tickets?

Man counting coins on tableVisiting the Great Smoky Mountains is a lot like visiting a candy shop: everything looks good and you will want to try it all. Sticking to your budget can be difficult when there are so many amazing things to do in the area. When you stay at our condos in Pigeon Forge, however, you’ll be able to visit all of the best attractions for less! Guests at the Cherokee Lodge will get great discounts on attractions tickets when they order them on our website.