Aerial view of Pigeon Forge Tn
July 19, 2017

Now that you’ve decided to come to the Smokies, how do you know what to pack? We’ve got 4 things you need to make sure to add to your list when you start packing to go on your Smoky Mountain vacation! Here’s a few things to remember:

1. A good pair of shoes

Good shoes with the right kind of support are a must when you visit the Smokies. Out of all the things you need to pack for a Smoky Mountain vacation, this should be the first thing in your bag. The right kind of shoes for walking is different from person to person. Some people may be alright with sandals, others would rather have tennis shoes on their feet all day. Whatever is the most comfortable for you, make sure to pack those!

2. Re-useable water bottles

The Old Mill in Pigeon Forge.

These are great to have on you no matter where you go! You can fill water bottles up in your condo in the morning, and then refill them throughout the day at different places you visit. Nearly everywhere you visit will have a water fountain where you can fill your bottle. Bringing water bottles will save you a bit of money as well. Instead of having to stop periodically to buy a drink, you will have one on you. And if you don’t want water all day, you can fill your water bottle up with whatever you want! A reusable water bottle is a must if you are planning on going hiking at any point on your vacation.

3. A hat or sunglasses, or even both!

No matter what time of year you visit the Smokies, it will certainly be sunny! Bring a hat or sunglasses along to keep the sun out of your eyes. These are relatively simple items to remember to have on your list of things you need to pack for a Smoky Mountain vacation, but you will be thankful you’re remembered them when you experience all the beautiful weather and clear days. This is another money saving tip, because you won’t have to stop and pick one up.

4. A camera

scenic views of the smoky mountains

Sure, you could just take all the pictures you want on your phone, but then you have to worry about limited memory space. Digital cameras are relatively small and won’t take up much space when you put it in your bag or pocket. You can get all the great pictures you want and you won’t have to worry about running out of space! Plus, a camera won’t die as easily on you, as your phone’s battery will drain faster when you use your camera app. Plus, not having your phone out will help you avoid the distractions of every day life!

There are so many things you will want to bring on your vacation, but we think that these four are some of the most important for you to have when you visit the Smokies! To start planning your Smoky Mountain vacation, click here to look at our Pigeon Forge condos!