Beautiful sign at the entrance to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge Tn
March 8, 2013

Little girl going down red water slideIf you have been to Dollywood but it has been a while since you visited there will be some new attractions for you to enjoy and you may be suprised by how much the park has grown. Since 1986, Dollywood has added new attractions to its park as it has expanded in both size and popularity. The attractions below are the latest and greatest available at Dollywood, having been added in the last decade.

Adventure Mountain Attraction
Dollywood’s Adventure Mountain Attraction was added to Dollywood in 2010 and features four adventure courses with over 100 obstacles including swinging beams, suspension bridges and a tire traverse.

Added in 2011, the Barnstormer thrills riders with its two pendulum arms that swing riders back and forth. The pendulums swing at a top speed of 65 miles per hour and overlook a huge, barnyard-themed area which includes a pig pen water play area for children.

Beaver Creek
Since 2006, children and adults have both enjoyed soaking their toes in this wallowing little creek. Guests can take part in the “Beaver Creek Float,” where guests compete to see whose leaf will speed to the finish line first.

A Christmas Carol
New for 2013, Dollywood will present Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, in true Dollywood style. The performance will include period costumes and music with an orchestra.

Dizzy Disk
A classic county fair ride, the Dizzy Disk was introduced into Dollywood in 2005 and can be found in the Country Fair area of the park. Passengers can enjoy a spinning ride on a giant disk that also glides back and forth.

Lil’ Loggers Landing
Created especially for young children in 2006, Lil’ Loggers Landing is an interactive play area in Timber Canyon. The play area features classic seesaws and many log-themed challenges.

Mystery Mine
This roller coaster ride that travels through an abandoned coal mine was introduced to the park in 2007. The coaster is well-known for its thrilling 95-degree, 85-foot vertical drop into complete darkness.

Mystic India
A recent addition to Dollywood’s entertainment lineup, this performance is new for 2013. The performance will feature 25 professional dancers in colorful costumes and music from the Bollywood film industry.

River Battle
Enjoy a ride down a 500-foot river channel aboard a raft for seven passengers. Each raft is equipped with high powered water guns to ensure a fun, water-packed adventure. This ride has been a park favorite since it was introduced in 2008.

Thrill seekers have been enjoying this hour-long zip lining adventure since 2009. In addition to four zip line courses, riders will enjoy dangling from a 100-foot swinging bridge.

Added to Timber Canyon in 2004, Thunderhead is a giant wooden roller coaster situated between two mountains. Thunderhead’s course takes riders on a 100-foot drop at a top speed of 55 miles per hour.

Wild Eagle
The first winged roller coaster in existence, Wild Eagle opened in 2012. The coaster is situated 21 stories above Dollywood and allows riders to ride on air above the park.

Wings of America
The Wings of America exhibit was added to the park in 2008. The exhibit is both educational and spellbinding, offering viewers an up-close look at some of the most beautiful, winged creatures in the world.