wildwood grove sign
June 21, 2019

Just when you thought Dollywood couldn’t get any better, they have recently opened the largest expansion in their park history! This new section of the park, Wildwood Grove, is a whimsical land where you can wander past sparkling creeks, explore a charming village, and encounter the magical Wildwood Tree! And if that doesn’t sound good enough, Wildwood Grove also features a wonderful selection of new rides the entire family can enjoy together! Here are 6 exciting new rides you can experience at Wildwood Grove at Dollywood:

1. Dragonflier

The newest roller coaster at Dollywood is the Dragonflier, a unique suspended ride that mimics the flight of a Smoky Mountain dragonfly! As you fly high above Wildwood Grove, you will speed through the terrain in a twisting and unpredictable path that will have you shrieking in delight! After all, there is nothing more exhilarating than riding on the wings of a dragonfly! It is considered a family coaster with a minimum height requirement of only 39 inches.

2. Great Tree Swing

dollywood sign with butterfly on wood

If you have kids who love to play on the swings, just wait until they get to ride the Great Tree Swing! This ride swings back and forth, higher and higher, until you are flying high through the skies! The Great Tree Swing is decorated with bright leaves to add to the fun. The Giant Tree Swing is an attraction your kids will want to ride again and again while visiting Wildwood Grove at Dollywood!

3. Mad Mockingbird

The Mad Mockingbird is your chance to soar through the air on a flight you help control! After stepping onto your personal mockingbird, the ride begins to rotate while your mockingbird swings outward. The suspended cables allow you to swing through the air, and you get to control the sail on the front of the mockingbird for a truly wild experience!

4. Treetop Tower

Take a slow and scenic journey through the air on the Treetop Tower, which features charming hand carved acorns as the ride vehicles! While sitting comfortably inside of your acorn, you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of the Wildwood Tree and the rest of the Wildwood Grove section of Dollywood. Once your ride is complete, your acorn will fall gently back to the forest floor.

5. Black Bear Trail

dollywood sign with butterfly made of plants

At Wildwood Grove, you will find plenty of friendly and fun-loving bears on the Black Bear Trail! This pleasant ride is geared towards the children to climb on the back of one of the friendly bears. During the ride, your children will glide through the beautiful backwoods of Dollywood, listen to a joyful tune and make some unexpected discoveries along the way!

6. Frogs and Fireflies

The toddlers in your family will adore Frogs and Fireflies, a playful roundabout ride where hungry frogs chase each other through the marsh! The ride is accompanied by a lively bluegrass tune, as well as flickering fireflies who make their home in the tall grass in the center of the ride! Watch your kids giggle as their frogs bounce up and down in an attempt to capture the fireflies!

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