Aerial shot of pigeon forge
December 20, 2020

When you think of luxury, one of the first things that comes to mind is relaxation. A vacation in Pigeon Forge at one of our condos will surely do the trick, but there are many other things you can do to to reach this peaceful state of mind. We’re going to give you 6 helpful tips you’ll want to follow to make it really feel like a vacation in Pigeon Forge TN!

1. Catch a Sunrise or Sunset

Watching the sun rise and set over those Smoky Mountains does wonders for relaxation. If you’ve always wanted to see what this is like in this beautiful area, our condos can give you a great perspective! Step out and stare into the distance on your balcony and see nature do all the work in calming your nerves.

2. Take Plenty of Walks

the island in pigeon forge sign and great smoky mountains wheel

We highly recommend taking plenty of walks when going on vacation in Pigeon Forge TN. These not only improve your thinking ability, but it also gives you a great workout that you maybe didn’t have time for at home. There are wonderful areas of relaxation at The Island in Pigeon Forge​ and at the historic ​Old Mill​ where you can get those legs moving too!

3. Set Aside Your Worries

A vacation in Pigeon Forge TN is a great place to forget about everything that you had previously stressed about. You won’t even give a thought to your busy life when you’re enjoying the attractions! Visit places like the ​TItanic Museum​, or the various fun science exhibits at ​WonderWorks​. This is the time where you shouldn’t think about work. After all, that’s what vacations are for — fun!

4. Do What Makes You Happy


The best things you can do for relaxation involve doing family activities that make you happy, whether it’s going to the many theaters in town for the person who loves a great musical or drama performance or visiting a more adventurous activity that satisfies the thrill-seeker. There’s literally something for everyone here, and it makes happiness a sure thing!

5. Be Kind to Others

An important lesson you should take with you on a vacation to Pigeon Forge is kindness. It can be difficult at times to take a breath and not get angry if things don’t go exactly as planned, but it shouldn’t be here. You’ll find it easy to return the kindness you receive from everyone you meet in Pigeon Forge!

6. Stay in Your Condo and Recharge

Spend Time Enjoying Your Condo

Quite possibly the easiest path to sure relaxation can be just to stay in your condo in your very own controlled environment. Our condos will give you everything you should need to lift your tensions, giving you a vacation you deserve and long for. If that means watching hours of movies with the family, we definitely won’t get in the way of you enjoying the vacation you want to have!

A relaxing vacation in Pigeon Forge TN can be accomplished quite easily with us at Cherokee Lodge Condos! Be sure to ​book your condo​ soon for your ticket to ultimate peace and relaxation!