Dollywood Thunderhead Coaster
October 31, 2023

Are you looking for more things to do during your stay with us? If so, check out the Dollywood amusement park! Since the gates opened in 1961, it has quickly become one of Pigeon Forge’s beloved tourist attractions, receiving 3 million visitors every year. The park is well known for its collection of roller coasters that each have their own unique theme. Learn a little more about them as you explore this list of 3 exciting rides at Dollywood you have to experience:

1. Tennessee Tornado

tennessee tornado

Built in 1999, the Tennessee Tornado is a roller coaster located in Dollywood’s Craftsman’s Valley. Each of the ride’s thrilling elements show riders what it is like to be in the eye of a storm. Don’t worry! You won’t have to bring your raincoat! The Tennessee Tornado is one of Dollywood’s shorter rides, coming in at less than 2 minutes long! Even so, it is packed with excitement. The track goes upside down 3 times with one of the loops being 110-feet tall. The ride also has a 128-foot drop and reaches maximum speeds of 61 miles per hour.

2. Thunderhead

Thunderhead is another one of the exciting rides at Dollywood. It is a wooden roller coaster in the Timber Canyon area of the park that is deemed the “wildest ride in the woods.” The track has a 100-foot drop and crosses over and under itself 32 times! As for speed there is a fly-though station where the roller coaster barrels through a tunnel at 40 miles per hour. The ride will get even faster, reaching maximum speeds of 54 miles per hour.

3. Wild Eagle

Wild Eagle Dollywood roller coaster

The Wild Eagle roller coaster is located in the Wilderness Pass area of Dollywood. The name comes from the unique layout of the ride. More specifically, the roller coaster car resembles a flock of eagles and riders sit on either side underneath their wings. When the ride opened in 2012, it was the first “wing” coaster in the United States. Experience the thrill of flying as you barrel through a track with rolls, loops, and corkscrews as well as a 135-foot drop. This is combined with high speeds of up to 61 miles per hour.

Other Things to Do in Dollywood

If you want a more laid back experience during your visit to Dollywood, the park has many other things to do. For example, take a relaxing train ride through the Smokies on the Dollywood Express. There is no height restriction, so this is a great activity for visitors of all ages! You can also watch one of the park’s entertaining shows. Hear some great music as you watch The Tones or the Forever Country singing groups. Animal lovers need to see the Wings of America Birds of Prey show where the audience will learn about the high-flying performers. If you’re brave enough, one of them may perch on your arm.

We hope you experience all the rides at Dollywood and everything else the park has to offer! You’ll need a place to stay while you’re in town! Discover 4 advantages of staying at a Pigeon Forge condo rental near Dollywood!