August 29, 2013

Couple skydivingMillions of people dream of flying through the air, with the wind rushing at their face. However, many would-be-skydivers never get the chance to realize their dreams because they are afraid of jumping out of a plane. Fortunately, there is a new way to experience the sensation of skydiving without any of the danger! Located right around the corner from our condos in Pigeon Forge, Flyaway Indoor Skydiving is the first attraction of its kind.

How Can You Skydive Indoors?

The key to skydiving indoors is a vertical wind tunnel. In these ingenious tunnels, wind moves upward at about 120 miles per hour which is the terminal velocity of a falling human body. These powerful gusts of wind keep customers suspended in midair, which is very similar to the experience of freefalling when skydiving.

Do You Need Training?

There is training at Flyaway, but it doesn’t take very long. Before they fly, skydivers participate in a 20 minute training class during which they learn body control techniques and safety procedures.

How Long Do You Fly For?

After training, skydivers spend 15 minutes getting suited up. Once you have your helmet, suit and other safety equipment you are ready to fly! Groups of five skydivers take turns free falling in the windtunnel. Each person gets about three minutes of airtime. For customers who can’t get enough, additional three minute increments can be purchased for a reduced price.

After an exhilarating day of indoor skydiving, you can return to our cozy condos in Pigeon Forge. Cherokee Lodge is located close to all of the best attractions and restaurants in the Smokies. Visit our Things to Do page to learn about the area and purchase our discount attraction tickets!