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Looking for Things to Do in the Smokies? Enjoy Roaring Fork!

Roaring Fork in the Smoky MountainsRoaring Fork Motor Nature Trail is one of the best places to visit while you are in the Smoky Mountains. If you are looking for a relaxing and enjoyable tour through the mountains, explore Roaring Fork!

The trail is approximately six miles in length, one way. It is a loop road that showcases the historic buildings, streams and wildflowers of the area. The driving tour, one of the best things to do in the Smokies, will take you through the mountains to see all of the great forestry from the comfort of your own vehicle. You can pick up a small, inexpensive booklet at the beginning of the trail. The booklet features all of the landmarks you won’t want to miss along the trail

As you drive along the road, you will notice that the one-way road becomes very narrow. It is important to drive slowly in order to have the best experience on the trail. The trail will take approximately an hour to complete, if you don’t stop to see any of the sights or landmarks. If you take time on the trail, there are points where you can pull off and enjoy the scenery. Be especially careful driving around these areas. Other cars are likely to be driving along the trail, so make sure to watch out for people that may be walking around their vehicles exploring the nature.

As you drive through the mountains, you may be lucky enough to come across wildlife. In the case that you do see a bear or large animal, be cautious and do not get out of your vehicle to get a closer look. You can take pictures from inside your vehicle, but do not do anything that will upset the bear or its habitat.

Remember to take plenty of photographs when you are experiencing the fun things to do in the Smokies, like travel the nature trail! While you drive along the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, there will be plenty of opportunities for beautiful pictures. You will be able to snap some gorgeous photographs of the preserved cabins, mountain streams and wildlife. This way, you can remember the trip long after you experience the driving trail.

After exploring along the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, you may be looking for other things to do in the Smokies. If you are, check out our ‘Things to Do’ page for list of all of the great area attractions. If you are interested in booking one of our fully equipped condos, give us a call at 1-877-918-5900. We will enjoy helping you plan your vacation to the Smoky Mountains!