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The Escape Game

Top 4 Escape Rooms in Pigeon Forge That You Need to Play

If you love interactive games with a bit of a challenge, you won’t want to miss one of the amazing escape rooms in the Smokies! These fun attractions feature a variety of themes where your team is “locked” in a room and you have just a limited amount of time to make your escape! The only way to do this is by solving a number of puzzles, so you’ll have to use your wits collectively to be successful! Here are the top 4 escape rooms in Pigeon Forge that you need to play:

1. The Escape Game Pigeon Forge

The Escape Game in Pigeon Forge offers 60 minute escape room adventures, but you’ll want to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to each game to prepare for your mission! As you enter into one of the immersive worlds, you’ll have the chance to recover a priceless work of art, find lost gold, or even break out of prison! In total, there are 5 escape rooms available for your enjoyment so pick your favorite theme or try them all! The Escape Game in Pigeon Forge is conveniently located at The Island, where you will find plenty of free parking! Each escape room also has a unique difficulty rating, so it’s a great activity for beginners or experienced clue solvers!

2. Trapped Escape Game

Escape room in Pigeon ForgeAnother one of the top escape rooms in Pigeon Forge is the Trapped Escape Game! This thrilling entertainment destination has some of the best horror themed escape rooms, making it the perfect place for those who crave heart pounding fun! Each room requires critical thinking skills to find the clues you need to solve the puzzles, and hints will be provided by the game master along the way! See if your team has what it takes to earn their place on the Trapped leaderboard!

3. Great Escape Room Pigeon Forge

The Great Escape Room is home to 4 different escape room experiences where you’ll need to use your code breaking and problem solving skills to escape! This is your chance to solve a murder mystery, use a seance to contact a lost soul or save America from a nuclear Armageddon! Bring out your inner Sherlock Holmes and follow every clue to ensure your team solves the mystery within 60 minutes!

4. Smoky Mountain Escape Games

Escape Games in Pigeon ForgeYou can’t take a trip to Pigeon Forge without a visit to Smoky Mountain Escape Games, where there are 5 exciting games to play! Play the role of a crime stopper in a diamond heist, recover an antidote from a mad scientist or become a paranormal investigator! You can even play a room where you follow Alice into her bizarre adventures in Wonderland! Smoky Mountain Escape Games also offers the first “head to head” escape room in Pigeon Forge, where teams are placed into two identical rooms for a battle of the brains!

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