Ole Smoky & Island Wheel
February 7, 2018

One of Cherokee Lodge’s best amenities is their location; you’ll be near the hottest attractions when you stay with us! One of the top attractions to visit near us is the Island, which has plenty to see and do. We are sharing our top 4 favorite and fun things to do at The Island in Pigeon Forge for you to try during your next stay.

1. The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel

Not up to hiking miles up a steep mountain for a pretty view? That’s fine, we know a great way to see the Smoky Mountains and Pigeon Forge! The Smoky Mountain Wheel is a gondola style ferris wheel that towers 200 feet into the air! It is glass encased with AC or heat so you stay comfortable for your ride around the wheel. The wheel offers a wonderful and unique way to see Pigeon Forge, and is a must try on our list of things to do at The Island in Pigeon Forge.

Find out more about the Smoky Mountain Wheel here!

2. Alcatraz East MuseumAlcatraz full bldg

Alcatraz East is a crime museum featuring an in-depth look at American crime history. There are five different galleries that make up the museum, and countless authentic artifacts on display. You can see pieces such as the Bronco from the O.J.Simpson chase, Al Capone’s rosary, and so much more! There are lots of kid friendly interactive exhibits as well, like Crack-a-Safe, Become a Top Detective, Jail Cell, and more. This fascinating museum gives you the chance to crawl into the minds of some of the most notorious thieves, mobsters, and killers in American history!

You can find out more about the Alcatraz East Crime Museum here!

3. Mirror Maze

Have you ever looked in the mirror only to see a hundred more of you looking back? Well that’s what will happen when you step inside the Mirror Maze at The Island. You can truly test your sense of direction as you try to find a way out of the maze. The Mirror Maze also offers a Laser Maze! Step inside your own version of Mission Impossible and see if you can make it across the room of lasers without touching one! A third fun experience to try is their newest game, Atomic Rush which they describe as a mix between Simon Says and Whack-A-Mole and is sure to get you laughing, moving, and having fun!

Learn more about the three fun experiences at the Island Mirror Maze here!

4. The Escape Gameyoung people working together to solve a puzzle in an escape game

An Escape Game is a highly interactive game where you and your team are trapped inside a room and must work together to find and solve puzzles in order to progress and escape the room. Each room is unique with different decor, unique puzzles to solve, and new missions. The Escape Game at The Island offers five different themes; The Heist, Mission Mars, Gold Rush, Classified, and Prison Break. These games are one of a kind experiences, and the perfect thing to do at The Island with a group of friends.

Learn more about each escape game and how to play here!

With so many things to do at the Island in Pigeon Forge, the best part will be when you stay at Cherokee Lodge Condos you’ll be close by so you can go multiple times without a hassle. Take a look at our condos page now, to start planning your visit!